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Before You Say a Word, Your Smile Speaks for You.

Two women interviewed for a job at a big law firm. Both of them had degrees from the same university. Both had similar work experience and qualifications. One woman smiled frequently during the interview, not afraid to show off her straight teeth and confident smile. The other woman did not smile, self-consciously hiding her crooked teeth behind closed lips. One woman got the job, and the other one did not.

What made the difference?

In the real world, we are judged very often on how we look. It may not be fair, but it's a fact of life. How you think you look can affect your confidence. And if you're embarrassed about your teeth, you may not smile as confidently as someone with a perfect smile. At Petrover Orthodontics, we believe that everyone deserves to show the world a great smile. But it goes beyond just a beautiful smile. A healthy smile with straight teeth can transform your whole appearance. When you're happy with your smile, you project confidence and self-assurance, which leads to success in all areas of your life.

Bottom line: if you're not happy with how your smile looks, then it's time to do something about it. Whether you are 7 or 70 (Yes, we have patients in their 70's!), orthodontic treatment can fix your smile at any age! If you're concerned about your child's teeth, then you should know that getting braces at the proper time can greatly improve their health and their confidence. We also offer invisible options, like Invisalign, for our adult patients. And we do it using the latest cutting-edge technology available. We think that getting a great smile shouldn't interfere with your life. Orthodontics should be easy, affordable and convenient. And that's our mission at Petrover Orthodontics. Our Wellington and Boynton Beach orthodontist locations are convenient for all of Palm Beach County - including West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Lantana, Delray, and Boca Raton.

Choosing the right orthodontist in Wellington or Boynton Beach is an important decision. We understand that it's important to get to know the doctor, feel comfortable in the office, and be excited about the treatment. So we'd like to extend an invitation for you to visit our office for a complimentary consultation for you or your child. It's totally free, with no obligation. We're not asking you to make a commitment right now. We are asking you to take the first step towards getting the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve.

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